We all once believed, that we would never be decieved. We recognised we were just a bit nieve, but not risky enough to procedd. Then came along, a person singing that old prosperity song, and since he made it sound like nothing would go wrong, so we took a chance. Weeks go by and we never again hear from the guy, and we soon realize we were taken. Now once again I’m broke, and it’s no joke. I’m currently looming for a job. I showed up to apply and in my heart I began to cry and just wish I could do it all again.

God has come into my body, as a fire body!

Where’s My Hurricane?

On Mother’s Day
at Red Lobster

A woman at the bar
asked me if I had kids

On the sidewalk
in Brooklyn

A friend asked me
if I’d ever had an exorcism

Both questions
made me pause

Do I have kids?
Have I had an exorcism?

where’s my hurricane?


two poems

I got in bed stoned and heard myself saying aloud “is it gay to sleep” then I started cackling, then crying

I was jolted awake by the memory of a boy from my high school whose facebook bio merely said “capitalist” and the time he took my friend into the woods and
apparently just bit her on the neck for one hour.

I was jolted awake by the memory of a joke at my school in fourth grade, where kids would lie on the ground and scream P H O T O S Y N T H E S I S

I was jolted awake by the memory of when we had just started dating, and you had a panic attack, and one of the only things I knew about you was that you loved the song “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon, so I just started shyly singing it.

I was jolted awake by the memory of the one time dad and I rode horses together, and he was so big that he had to ride a horse named Jumbo, and he was scared and tried to hide it, but it was no use. Jumbo took off faster than I knew a horse could run, and dad bounced around for a second on the horse’s back, dropping the reigns before they disappeared into the dense trees.

I was jolted awake by the memory of getting nervous in a hot tub once and telling this girl, “I’m a writer, but my passion is dioramas.”

I was jolted awake by the memory of when I was
panicking in the night and you gave me a hand
massage and whispered “everyone is harmless everyone is harmless” until i fell asleep.

I was taken out of myself for a moment,
when you called me to wish me a happy birthday
and spent most of the conversation complaining
about “spiritual tarot youtubers.”

I said, “that’s really interesting,”
and “I would love to hear
more about it,” and you said, “good.
because I have a lot more to say.”

eight years ago I lived in a concrete cube, wore banana republic corduroys, and had never had sex before.

mary moore



‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

the distance
the weather
the darkness
the wait
the people
the awful people
the standing
the carrying
books heavy
the four
year routine
the difficulty
of classes
the nuns
the students
the future
the opportunities
the result


two poems

‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

Ouroboros is Broke

It’s typically at this time of day tht the final closure of death seems most heinous & gnarly
Death interred my mind like a spirit
& now I’m cannibal, spiritual icon of
You are all within my head                         
A sort of lace devoted to the image
of nunchuckery
Supine in this sky 
More than infatuation with the waves.

Uncloudy Day

if u exclude me from society
then i go to heaven
I & the rest of my ppl
we’re tht deep
we live in God’s love
not under your laws
Sunday forgive
my gluttony
my lust
my spirit


thinking abt how everything is stupid + shitty but in like a sexy + cool way not at all annoying + boring


i’m blowing kush smoke at the art
i’m sighing
i can’t even kickflip

taking a selfie
i’m wearing austin’s vampire cape
i’m DMing my crush on twitter

tired + trying
my favorite part abt my lesson
is that i never learn it


Shit Head #1


My father once took me to some huge lake to give me a life lesson. He walked along the shore until he found a sizeable rock which he then knelt down and picked up. He called me over and shared the rock between our hands. It was very smooth and cold. After closing his hands over mine, he looked in to my eyes and said, “listen: life is like this rock. When you were born, your mother and I chucked you, hard, in to the air. Eventually, you’re gonna fall in to some massive lake where you’ll stay until the end of time. You’ve gotta decide whether to skip at some point and enjoy your journey down or make a big splash before you disappear.” Then he got up and threw the rock as hard as he could. It hit a bird and we got the hell out of there. I cried for two weeks.